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Bars & Nightclubs

Needs some help with nightlife in Dubai? Not only can we provide our recommendations on the best Dubai bars and Dubai nightclubs – we will take care of any reservation requirements for you and your group. We will ensure your access to the best clubs, at the lowest minimum spend.

Why do people use Dubai Key when it comes to bars & nightclubs in Dubai?

VIP Handling:
Whether a group booking of 4 people or 40 people, you can expect VIP treatment. We have direct access to the people that matter in each of the venues in Dubai, meaning preferential table locations at the lowest minimum spends.

Bespoke Recommendations:
We provide a tailor made, unbiased view of the best places to go in Dubai. We listen to your preferences, and will ensure that you have the best experience possible – we understand that our own success is built upon Client satisfaction.

Deep market knowledge:
Our team has years of experience on the best places to go in Dubai for each night of the week. Don’t forget, a place you may have visited before, may not be popular today – so don’t waste your precious holiday time in and out of taxis and hotels!

How do you book bars and nightclubs with Dubai Key?

As part of our popular ‘Unlimited Concierge’ package, you will receive complimentary concierge assistance with bookings for the most popular bars and restaurants in Dubai. Upon purchasing your ‘Unlimited Concierge package’, you can follow the below steps:

  • Review our complimentary Dubai city guide
  • Let us know your preferences of where you may wish to go
  • Allow us to provide recommendations to suit your preferences, or give you further inspiration, if required.
  • Allow us to take care of all reservations on your behalf
  • All of your reservations will be recorded in your very own Dubai Key itinerary – for which you can then share with the rest of your travelling group as you please
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